Audio Excellence


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"One of the best demos at the show."

- Rob Sabin for Sound & Vision on September 9, 2017

“The best overall demo I experienced at CEDIA was presented by Seymour-Screen Excellence, Audio Excellence, and Wolf Cinema. The sound of the 7.2.4 Audio Excellence system was superb—loud but not fatiguing—and the Wolf TXF-5000 4Klaser-illuminated projector produced the best image I saw at the show. That image was supported by the newly introduced Enlightor-Neo acoustically transparent screen measuring 142″ diagonally. I could have stayed in that room for hours!”

- Scott Wilkinson for AVS Forum on September 13, 2017

"Quite a few audio and video companies joined forces to showoff unique projector-based home theater systems at CEDIA 2017, and none of them compared to the Seymour-Screen Excellence/Wolf Cinema/Audio Excellence demo room."

- Todd Anderson for AV Nirvana on September 13, 2017

"Audio Excellence is advocating a fascinating new approach to bass management, which it says helps solve the problem of low frequency standing waves in small rooms, using what it dubs the Congard Code."

- Steve May for Inside CI on July 13, 2016


"It was a pleasure to listen to a coherent and accurate system, there are precious few people who understand fundamental speaker design, time alignment, phase coherent and impulse response, a recipe for an accurate reproduction of sound"

- James Soanes, Technical Officer, OPPO Digital UK Ltd.

"Liked the idea of having separate bass unit from main 3 speakers. Good sound from nice size speakers!"

- Ricky Jennings, Director, Kalibrate Limited.

"The new audio system is fantastic! Really enjoyed it!"

- Jamie Pullen, Custom AV Distribution

"Speaker system was very good!"

- Peter Walker, Founder & CEO, City Home Cinemas


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